Born: 1964
Diploma: Worthing College of Art and Design
Degree: Lanchester College of Art and Design

In 2005, after a long career in graphic design built in and around South London, my wife and I along with our then 2 small children decided on a move out of England to South West France. Having previously bought a 200 year old barn, our first years were pre-occupied with its renovation and continuing with graphic design to finance it. Once habitable and finished to a certain standard, I was then able to turn my attention to being an artist. Our home is situated on top of a hill with breathtaking views and surrounded by beautiful countryside... an inspiration in itself.

I launched my career as an artist in 2010 in the Hotel de Ville of Lectoure, designated a city of Art and History. From there I have had several exhibitions in the surrounding region and have successfully sold to individuals and businesses locally but also in Toulouse, Edinburgh and London. More recently I have been invited to participate in some of the 'salon d'art' in the region and have worked with some excellent galleries who have helped promote my name and work.

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